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Working with us

We recognise that legal services are costly and for many people costs can limit their involvement in legal proceedings. We believe we provide excellent value to clients in the fees we charge and do what we can to have client’s matters resolved as cost effectively as possible.

In order to assist our clients we provide the following:

  • No obligation free first interview.
  • Legal Aid.
  • Clear information about and flexibility in arrangements for payment of legal costs
  • Referral to appropriate agencies

We are well aware that legal services can be costly and we assist our clients with funding their legal costs in a number of ways:

  • We are happy to undertake legal aid work if you qualify for a grant from Victoria Legal Aid.
  • We will advise you if other agencies can provide you with a more cost effective service. For example, if you wish to obtain a divorce we will advise you at your first interview that Victoria Legal Aid provides a free “Do-your-own- divorce” service, if you would prefer to use that option.
  • Where your case involves a property settlement in which you will receive money at the end of the case we will usually be willing to agree to receiving payment for our professional costs at the end of your case if you have no capacity to pay for costs as your matter progresses. However, in addition to our costs, running a case typically incurs expenses which have to be paid for as the case proceeds (which we refer to as “disbursements”). These might include a court filing fee, a valuation of property, a medical report or a barrister’s fee. Typically we will ask you to pay for these expenses as the cost is incurred.
  • Where your case is a Magistrates’ Court criminal case we usually charge a lump sum fee so that you know in advance what you your expected total costs will be. If something unexpected develops which increases legal costs we reserve the right to charge you an additional sum for any extra legal work.
  • Where you wish to pay your costs by instalments we are happy to set up an appropriate arrangement.

Above all we believe our costs represent excellent value for the services provided to our clients.